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@RABTBOOKTOURS Celebrates 5 Years + Giveaway!

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RABT Book Tours is Officially 5 Years Old! 

We are celebrating by offering our Biggest Discount to Authors + a Reader Giveaway!

Book Your Tour by May 6th and Receive 50% Off any Tour by using the Discount: Code RABT50 ! 
Tours can take place anytime between June - September!

Blitzes are 20% Off All Summer Long!
Any Blitz Booked and Taking Place between May-September! Use Code: SummerBlitz

You can find out more about our services, read testimonials, and see current tours at our website www.readingaddictionvbt.com

Are you an Author who has a FREE novel this Summer or a novel on Kindle Unlimited? 

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This Blitz will take place June 7th and your novel will need to be free at that time. 

Help us celebrate and enter the Giveaway! 

Signed Novels + $50 Amazon Gift Card

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THE SKY THRONE Release Day Excerpt & Giveaway

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I am so excited that THE SKY THRONE by Chris Ledbetter is available now and that I get to share the news!

If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by Author Chris Ledbetter, be sure to check out all the details below.

This blitz also includes a giveaway for a 1 month subscription to Owl Crate courtesy of
Month9Books and Rockstar Book Tours. So if you’d like a chance to win, enter in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

Haven't heard of THE SKY THRONE? Check it out!

Author: Chris Ledbetter
Pub. Date: April 18, 2017
Publisher: Month9Books
Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 292
Find it: Goodreads
| Amazon | B&N | TBD | iBooks
Duality dwells at every turn, and an adolescent Zeus will learn that all too well when Hyperion attacks his family on Crete.

When the dust settles, his mother is unconscious and his best friend left for dead.

Stacking epic insult upon fatal injury, Zeus discovers the woman who raised him is not his biological mother. But to ensure her safety while she recovers, a heavy-hearted Zeus leaves her behind to seek answers at Mount Olympus Preparatory Academia.

Zeus embarks on a quest to discover who ordered the attack on his home, avenge the death of his friend, and find his birth mother. When some of his new schoolmates vanish, Zeus's quest is turned upside down, and the only way to make things right is to access the power of The Sky Throne, confront a most dangerous enemy, and take his life back.

On his way to becoming king of the Greek gods, Zeus will learn to seize power, neutralize his enemies, and fall in love.

"Destined to have a sequel or two, young teens will appreciate the story, and teachers will appreciate that it instructs readers about the pantheon of gods."--Kevin Beach, VOYA Magazine

Exclusive Excerpt

The Oceanids descended upon the campus from their barracks like a wave
crashing against the shore. Telesto, the most beautiful sea nymph by several
stadia, smiled at me for the first time since I’d been going to the school.
Okay, it wasn’t a full smile. The corner of her lip twitched upward as she
flipped her wavy, aquamarine hair over her shoulder and glanced past me. But
that counts, right?

I backhanded Anytos in the chest. “You saw that. That’s my opening. If I
don’t make my move, she’ll be gone to the upper school next year.”

“Pssht, she is beyond the Mediterranean beautiful. Completely

“Did you see that come hither stare she flashed me?”

“Looked more like indigestion.”

“You are as wrong as you are false. Cover my back. I’m moving in.”

I crossed the courtyard in a flash and caught Telesto’s arm as she
reached the weather-beaten front door to the main school hall.

“Telesto, you look as if the sun radiates from you.”

She paused and leaned back against the doorframe. “You’re just saying that because I wore my yellow tunic today.”

“You shine with such brilliance; you should wear yellow every day.”

She folded a strand or two of stunning teal hair behind her ear and twirled the ends. “But what happens when I wear my purple tunic?”

“A tunic hasn’t been invented that could dampen your beauty.”

She giggled and turned away from me for a moment. “Zeus, is it?”

I nodded, surprised she even knew my name.

“You’re the one who pulled that massive prank on my mother, Headmaster Tethys, aren’t you?”

Oh, that’s how she knew me. Not invisible after all. I bowed. “I am him. He is me. One and the same.”

“Crazy. She was so mad.” She shook her head, stifling a smile.

“As far as I can tell, language arts must be your favorite subject. Your tongue is spectacularly sharp-witted.”

“Not really. But I am feeling a little inspired right now.”

Several strands of her hair fell to cover half her face. “Are you going to the bonfire at the beach tomorrow night?”

“I wasn’t invite—”

Several of Telesto’s broad-shouldered, dark-haired brothers bumped into me from behind. “Those are uncharted waters, boy. Careful now,” One of them called over his shoulder. Those were the first words they’d ever spoken to me.
Telesto rolled her eyes. “Pay them no mind. They’re harmless. You were saying?”

“Those bonfires are an Oceanids and Potamoi thing? It’s kind of a secret club that you have to be born into, right? Being brothers and sisters, children of Headmasters Okeanos and Tethys… young water deities in training… masters of
rivers and streams…”

“I guess. But you should come out any way. It’s all night, under the stars. Eating, drinking, stargazing… What’s better than that?”

Gazing into her mesmerizing, iridescent eyes, my mouth fired before I could stop it. “Kissing you under the stars. That’s better.”

“Sprint much? You’re a fast mover.”

“I just go after what I want.”

“Well … ” A pink tint rose on her high cheek bones. “We shall see. But first you have to show up.” 

Her lips twitched gain. “I have to go to class. See
you tomorrow?” She disappeared inside the school hall.

About Chris: 

Chris Ledbetter grew up in Durham, NC before moving to Charlottesville, VA in 11th grade. After high school, he attended Hampton University where he promptly “walked-on” to the best drum line in the conference without any prior percussion experience. He carried the bass drum for four years, something his back is not very happy about now.

After a change of heart and major, he enrolled in Old Dominion
University and 
earned his degree in Business Administration. He’s worked in various managerial and marketing capacities throughout his life. He taught high school for six years in Culpeper, VA, and also coached football.

He has walked the streets of Los Angeles and New York City, waded in
the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and climbed Diamond Head crater
on Hawaii and rang in the New Year in Tokyo, Japan. But he dreams of one day
visiting Greece and Italy.

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a 1 month subscription to Owl Crate, US Only.

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4/27/2018- I am not a bookworm!Review

4/28/2018- Mundie

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Cover Real for Where Do I Start? by Chase Taylor Hackett, #ownvoices M/M Romance

Brooke Banks | 12:00 AM | | Please comment!

by Chase Taylor
Genre: Contemporary LGBT Romance
Pub Date: 10/17/2017
Fletcher Andrews never believed in promises. Or monogamy. Or love. When you’re tall and gorgeous, New York City is one big all-you-can-eat buffet of hot young actors, models, and baristas. Even when living happily with Roger, his sweet, sexy violinist boyfriend, Fletch can’t resist an occasional taste. Too bad you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s thrown you out for cheating with half the cast of Disney on Ice.

Two years and a chance meeting later, Fletch desperately wants Roger back. Roger’s new boyfriend, Jeff, will do anything to stop that from happening.But Fletch has a plan to make amends. And with a little help from friends, colleagues—even Roger’s Scottish terrier, Haggis—they might find that the love you don’t believe in can sweep you rightoff your feet . . .

Buy Links:

Chase Taylor Hackett was raised on a farm in the Midwest among hogs, ponies, corn and soybeans – far from his current home in New York City. He has written most of his life, nearly all of it in musical theatre, and was a member of the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop. His theatrical career peaked when a musical for which he’d written the book and lyrics opened on Broadway.

He lives in upper Manhattan with his partner Travis, and a Scottish terrier named Watson.

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4 Star Review & Giveaway for When Planets Fall: YA Sci-Fi with Disability Rep


(Stars Fall Circle #1)
Author: Abby J. Reed
Pub. Date: April 12, 2017
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Pages: 420
Formats: Paperback, eBook

On a planet where the only difference between three tribes is their blood color, war is on the horizon. Breaker, an amputee, wants peace for his family and home. Malani, a kidnapped POW, wants to return home. Luka wants justice for his home. All three teens come together when Breaker is given seven days to fix a wrecked enemy starship or their home, and peace, is forfeit..

"In this richly imagined start to a new sci-fi series, Reed brings optimism to the goal of solving entrenched violence in a galaxy far, far away . . . A propulsive, sharply crafted tale about a planetary war." -Kirkus Reviews

Heads Up: Sci-Fi Racism, Rape, Torture, Warmongering, Scientific Experiments, Death, Dismemberment,

  • LOVE the disablity rep! Luka has chronic migraines, Breaker is a leg Amputee with PTSD, and Malani has PTSD as well as extra appendages,
  • The scenes dealing with panic attacks and flashbacks and nightmares were so fucking sweet!!
  • The scenes between Breaker and Melani coping with and talking about their mental and physical issues were my favorite scenes.
  • It takes about sex with a disablity in a non-creepy voyeuristic way that doesn't make it a pity act, but a legitimate attraction, appreciation, and ultimately orgasmic.
  • Breaker and his girlfriend's relationship is adorably bittersweet. Not perfect, not a fairy tale but real growth and understanding like the teens I know would be. This is not an adult relationship but neither is it immature or childish, if that makes senses. (Writing about teens is hard, okay?)
  • The inclusion of characters with physical limitations brings not only diverse representation, but an extra of layer of realism and tension as characters in actions scenes are usually limitless.
  • It's a dreamers escapism where you can actually see real people in it, not some action stars or Mary Sues or whatever, but you, your mother, your neighbors, etc.
  • Includes: lovers to friends, hate to love, enemies to allies, daring escapes, rescues,
  • Technically there's a love triangle, but it's not the annoying, pointless angst-y type. This one is due to the characters authentically progressing as people throughout the plot. It's not about being shady or backstab-y or fighting or extra drama.
  • The warmongering dictator is terrifying to watch in action.
  • While there are three settlements warring with each other, it never felt cluttered or overwhelming to keep track
  • I get the unnerving feeling there is far more going on than we know about this planet and its inhabitants but given the ending, will we ever find out? Is it a convenient cop out or am I just overanalyzing?
  • Some obvious plot points, events, and outcomes, but it wasn't a huge problem. So much else is going on, and it makes sense so I didn't really care until it got towards the end with Breaker's stubbornness about the truth staring him in the face.
  • If the greenbloods and the bluebloods knew this whole time about the secrets Breaker and crew uncover, then why didn't they remind the redbloods of their place? Why let them live? And only 100 or so years?!?
  • THAT ENDING!!! It's one of the most amazing, jaw-dropping and frustrating cliff-hangers I've ever read. I hate it and love it. It completes the whole "Survive this war and/or get off the planet" arc perfectly and opens up SO SO many possibilities of for the sequel. It's the perfect breaking point between books yet OMFGWTFHAPPENSNEXT?!? It does so authentically, like it's the natural progression of the story without the dreaded padding or shrinkage that plague book series.
  • I don't know how I feel about the human compound letting civilians live the outskirts unaware of what's going on and without protection. Something just doesn't sit quite right with me about it, though there's an explanation given.
  • There are no uses of savages or barbarians that I noted or remember, but I wanted to double-check. In the pdf file I have, no instances of savage(s) or barbarian(s) were found. If there are any other offensive or problematic material found by others, I will update my review to include it.
  • Here's the major gripe and cause for unease: there's a problem with the message of what constitutes a home. Yes, Breaker wants to avoid death and a war, but he screams about homes instead of using his head. It has this nasty underlying feeling of "go back where you came from". 
    • If you've lived somewhere for generations (simply fucking moved there, really there shouldn't a generational limitation), its' completely fucking normal for someone to consider it their home and fight for it. I was very frustrated with Breaker being obtuse on this point. You don't technically have to originate from somewhere to be home. 
    • What kind of message does that send to immigrants, migrants, and refugees? The other side is of course it's normal to want to return to your people's roots and that's not betraying your family or ancestors if you go that route or immigrate somewhere else. 
    • So Breaker's not wrong to want to move away, but he's not right with arguing to make other people abandon all that they know and love. I'm not saying this is intended, but it's certainly my impression and feel from what transpired.

Basically: Great sci-fi adventure with a dynamic cast, disablity rep, and the best-worst kind of ending. I really fucking enjoyed this novel and flew through it. Some plot points were obvious and I have some lingering doubts about the settlements. That pales in comparison though about my gut feelings regarding Breaker's message. Close, but not quite an unqualified recommendation.

About Abby:

Abby J. Reed writes young adult science fiction and fantasy novels that ask what if. She has a degree in English Writing and is drawn to characters with physical limitations due to her own neurological disorder called Chronic Migraine. Her debut novel, WHEN PLANETS FALL, will be published in April 2017 by Soul Mate Publishing.

Abby lives in Colorado with her husband and two fluffy pups. If her hands aren’t on the keyboard, they are stained purple and blue with paint.
Website | Facebook | Twitter |Pinterest | Instagram | Tumblr | Goodreads

1 winner will receive a signed paperback of WHEN PLANETS FALL, & Swag, US Only.

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Review & Giveaway for Biker's Librarian by Shyla Colt

Biker's Librarian by Shyla Colt

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: Re-Releasing March 2nd
Publisher: Hot ink Press
Recovered from an abusive relationship, Juliette Moore is ready to live life on her own terms. Successful, intelligent, and slightly timid, she makes a pact with her best friends to seize the day. She gets more than she bargained in the tall, dark, and dangerous biker Shooter.

Drawn to her purity and charm, Shooter, finds himself smitten before he knows what’s happening. With his claim firmly placed, he’s ready to go to war when she’s threatened by a madman from her past. Together they weather life’s storms and find common ground as they merge their two very different worlds.

Content Warning: Relationship Abuse, Stalking, Harassment, Sex Trafficking,

  • Adore Juliette and her crew.
  • Juliette's struggles with overcoming her abusive relationship was well-done
  • Shooter is alright. Not normally my type, but a good character, no fault with his actions, and seems to be the good kind of alpha male.
  • Never read a biker MC book before and I'm impressed. The more unsavory elements are kept to a minimum and Juliette's handling of it helped me loosen up too.
  • Very sexy scenes
  • Love that they both go to therapy!
  • Suspenseful, enough that it felt like romantic suspense. I thought it was just going to be contemporary romance.
  • I did eye-roll a tiny bit with how quickly they become each other's everything and the mushy talk and *bam* Juliette's his old lady. But it's to be expected and not insurmountable for the more cynical of us.
  • If a big part of being an old lady is wearing the dude's cut, then I damn well want a scene with her wearing his cut!!
  • The obligatory motorcycle scene is included though.
  • I think there was a good balance of romance, friends & family, & drama.
  • Except I do wish there were more details on how Ex was taken care of. Did the MC have nothing to do with it and just talk big? Did Juliette have to testify?
  • I totally want to read about their friends hooking up! And will be checking out her backlist too.

Related Social Justice Reading:

  1. Little Known Black Librarian Facts
  2. Carla Hayden Becomes 1st Black Librarian of Congress
  4. First-Wave Feminist Struggles in Black Motorcycle Clubs

About the Author:

Shyla Colt is the sassy international bestseller of the popular series Kings of Chaos and Dueling Devils M.C. This genre-hoppers stories feature three of her favorite things: strong females, pop culture, and alternate routes to happy ever after. Listening to her Romani soul, she pens from the heart, allowing the dynamic characters, eccentric interests, and travels as a former flight attendant to take her down untraveled roads.
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, this mid-west girl is proud of her roots. She used her hometown and the surrounding areas as a backdrop for a number of books. So, if you’re a Buckeye, keep an eye out for familiar places.

As a full-time writer, stay at home mother, and wife, there's never a dull moment in her household.

She weaves her tales in spare moments and the evenings with a cup of coffee or tea at her side and the characters in her head for company.

You can interact with Shyla Colt online via her website

$25 Amazon GC

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Excerpt, Giveaway, & Review for COED by James Fant

COED by James Fant

Date Published: 02/14/2017
Publisher: James Fant Books, LLC
Can a man and a woman be best friends without somebody catching feelings?

Travis Barber and Sade Styles are best friends of the opposite sex. Despite what everyone thinks, they are not getting busy...yet.

Co-owners of a popular barbershop/salon in named CoEd, Travis and Sade spend the bulk of their days together. But when Sade’s apartment lease runs out and Travis offers her the spare bedroom of his newly built house, will they end up sharing more than just the utilities?

This witty, fast-paced romance seeks to answer the question: can a man and a woman be best friends without crossing that fine line into the land of lovers. Best case scenario, nothing happens. Worst case scenario, they get to know each other a little too well and end up hating each other!

Are Travis and Sade making the best move for their friendship?

Purchase here:

She said…

I should be ashamed of myself. I was flirting heavily with Trap and that’s not right. I know that I was just using him to get over my hurt. But he was my friend. We’ve been friends for a long time. Who better to cheer me up than Trap? The caveat is the type of cheer I wanted went way beyond kind words. I wanted him badly. I thought it was just the Peach Schnapps talking. But nah, I needed a release. I felt tense. My head was not on straight and some good ole fashioned sex would do me well.

The cool thing is Trap and I were away at Myrtle Beach. We had been drinking. We were heading to the concert hall in the lobby of the hotel. Lalah Hathaway was going to take us there. I had every intention of letting Trap hold me in his arms on the dance floor. I was going to back that thang up on him real close. And then we would retire to the room. When neither of us could stand it anymore, I was going to ride him like a prized stallion. It was going to be good. And afterwards, we could both chalk it up to the alcohol and ambiance. Then we could put it behind us. Sounds like a pretty good plan, right?

Why are you looking at me like that? I needed it. You act like you’ve never been in that position before. Heart broken, wanting desperately to break a bond that was forged by some loser. What better way to do that than by making love to my best friend?

Lalah was singing Forever, For Always, For Love. I adore her rendition of that song. Her voice is so silky and thick that it just wraps around you like a blanket. Trap was under that blanket with me. I was standing in front of him. He had his arms around me. I leaned my head back on his shoulder and he kissed me on the cheek. I chuckled at this because I had the brother right where I wanted him. I know this for a fact because I could feel his excitement on my backside. Humph! He was talking about a Charley horse. I’ve got his Charley horse. The way I came out of that bathroom wearing that dress, and the way I strutted in front of him in the hallway, I knew exactly why Trap was walking funny. It was a compliment…and it was confirmation that I would have him.

So he had another Charley horse on the dance floor. I swirled my bottom to the rhythm; the more I swayed, the more excited he became. And me? I was about to melt, thinking about how it would be. How it would feel. But I never allowed myself to think about after. I would deal with after the next morning.

Content Warning: Domestic Violence, Anger Issues, Cheating,

I liked it. It's pretty sexy, down to Earth, with a lot of characters and drama to go around. Travis is a player and Sade is rather old-fashioned, which she's defensive about.

COED starts with Sade moving into Travis's house and Travis has a bachelor party for a friend of his happening that night. It's clear that they've got tension and awkwardness from the get go. What happens next just speeds it up. It's a short tale, only 150 pages, and I wonder how it'd work out if given more room to flourish.

I call it sexy but don't get it confused with erotica. The characters are very hott and there's plenty of checking out, flirting, and thinking going around. The two sex scenes that immediately come to mind though are rather sad. It's not the right time with the right people, so of course the sex is bad. Poor Sade! The best she got in the story is an erotic dream.

  • I liked Travis and Sade's friendship. Travis was very real about the difference in emotional and psychological support received from men and women.  I'm even happier he decided to be a better friend! 
  • I love how Sade owns her sexuality
  • I'm glad those who got cheated on were mad at the cheaters, not the other innocent party.
  • I liked how Travis is on medication for his bipolar disorder.
  • I liked how Sade confronted her issues and moved forward with handling them instead of taking the easy way out.
  • I liked the scene where they're at the couple's meeting together. Sade's thought process on being a woman that gets hit by a man is so spot on, it's depressing. I remember thinking that way before I became a survivor. I just wish this idea was pushed back instead of reinforced with the Ex-Wife.
  • The Shop scenes were pretty funny, though the Silent Treatment ones were the best IMHO.
  • Travis is the most authentic sounding guy...most of the time. His childhood is spot on, those passages were amazing.
  • I don't "get" Travis's dumbass decision on a visceral level, but I know it's realistic and people, especially men, are just that fucking stupid. Stupid, stupid people.
  • I'm glad Sade got more understanding and support than just "leave his cheating ass!!". It's HARD. It HURTS. And your feelings just don't dry up automatically....
  • I'm glad The Stripper isn't slut-shamed by Travis, because nobody needs that nonsense and it would make him a hypocritical bastard. However, it feels like Travis has a Madonna-Whore complex, with her and Sade on opposing ends. With Sade's preaching of old-fashioned sensibilities, it's definitely keeping inline with the status quo of wifey material.
  • Weird that a grown man Googled why nipples got hard. (Maybe that's just me?)
  • Don't like how the Ex-Wife was portrayed. I've never met a DV victim like that and don't like how he gets help, but she doesn't. Usually it's the other way around. Everything about her is a cry for help, but instead, she's the instigator and the crazy one. Ugh. I hate how baby mama is always a problem character. This bullshit hits far too close to home.
  • I DID NOT appreciate Sade being judgmental against the Ex-Wife. (See above.)
  • I wish Travis and Sade went to therapy, separately, for their issues. It's a tad unfair that Travis gets help through Sade as a therapist stand-in but Sade has to conquer her own demons alone. Therapy would even this out and help raise awareness and normalize therapy, which is always a good thing.
  • I can do without the breaking the fourth wall moment, where Travis tell us how James Fant loves to break chapters to build suspense (paraphrasing)
  • I can totally see a series happening based off of other characters around COED the shop and think that'd be pretty cool.

Related Social Justice Reading:

  1. Why the Black Community Has a Fraught Relationship With Therapy
  2. 3 Compelling Truths About Feminism That All Black Men Should Consider
  3. Black Men and Mental Illness Can Be a Barbershop Conversation, Too

About The Author:

James Fant is an award winning author who lives in Charleston, SC with his lovely wife and two hilarious children. When he’s not reading everything from business management to mysteries or “entertaining” his family with piano solos and spoken word, James writes inspirational romance and suspense that warms the heart and hopefully makes readers laugh—in public.

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Review & Giveaway for Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting #1

Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting:

A Graphic Novel for Artists and Cat Lovers
by Justine Prado, Jenn St-Onge (Illustrator), Maytal Gilboa (Editor)
Publisher: Emet Comics

"This is a gorgeous read in every sense of the word, each and every page brimming with character and life." -IGN

Fresh out of art school and creatively unfulfilled, Molly is stuck in the suburbs with her parents and their cat, Pishi. When she is offered an opportunity to cat sit, she sees it as a way to get closer to her friends who live in the Los Angeles Arts District while fulfilling her dream of making a living as an artist.

  • Art is GORGEOUS!
  • Beautiful settings: art, home, cityscapes
  • CUTE kitties, each with their own personality
  • Doesn't shy from showing the not so cute side of pet sitting
  • Frida!!
  • Sweet
  • Funny
  • Adorable
  • Relatable AF
  • Slow-burn romance *SQUEE*
  • Supportive, loving family
  • Understandable BFF that's more than a stereotype & lets Molly have it when needed
  • Seriously wonderful father/daughter moment
  • Clash between traditional and modern values, goals,

I can't believe it, I actually agree with IGN. None of my gamer friends must know. EVER.

This kind of searching for oneself, place, and purpose while navigating modern conveniences is what I beg for from New Adult. And here it is! WHOOP!

Favoritest scene: Molly coming home drunk from a party crying and having a heart to heart with her father.

Her problems making friends now that she's grown out of school and shit?! *Raises Hand*

The problem with getting together with people when you're all working?! *Raises Both Hands*

Used to being a rising star, not knowing where it all went wrong and you fell off?!
*Waves Hands Like I just don't...lolsob*

I was a straight A book nerd off to college a year early. Now I'm working in a call center to survive with no degree and debt I can't pay off. To say I emphasize is an understatement.

The only thing I'll say about this whole Millennial business people are bemoaning: The Catcher in the Rye generation shouldn't throw stones.

The "Is she flirting with me?" cat reminds me of this art book I had a kid. Well, borrowed from the library as much as possible. It was all about how to draw cats and kittens, both realistic and cartoon-y. In it, there was this blue-eyed fluffy white cat in the "draw me like one of your french girls" pose. I was pretty decent at drawing her too since I was just obsessed at getting it right.

Anyways. This along with Disney's Robin Hood and Lion King 2 reminds me, as Molly finds out, that being attracted to something with fur once in a while doesn't actually make one a furry.

Just sayin.

I can't wait to read the rest of the series!!!

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Giveaway, Guest Post, + Excerpt for Luz: A Novella by Leslie DJ

Brooke Banks | 12:00 AM | | | | | 1 Comments

Luz: A Novella
Leslie DJ

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Sinister Girlz

Date of Publication: March 24, 2017

ISBN: 978-0998127828

Number of pages: 160
Word Count:  43,000

Cover Artist: Michele Catalano

Tagline: He’s going to propose. She’s going to tie up loose ends.

Book Description:

Luz Vargas is a promising young Latina writer from Washington Heights, a predominantly Dominican neighborhood in New York City. Who upon receiving top honors for her short story, "Here and There" from the prestigious Quisqueya Writers of Tomorrow Association, Luz's boyfriend, Luke, suggests a couple's getaway to the Dominican Republic where he plans to propose. But when the trip to the Island brings her face to face with a past love, Luz is torn between honoring her commitment to Luke and revisiting an island romance.

The story is told through a series of vignettes that chronicle Luz's struggle to reconcile her American identity with her Dominican side.

Luz awoke to the sound of roosters crowing. Her eyes fluttered as they adjusted to the sunlight that crept through the tangerine-colored curtains. As she sat up and reached across the bed, familiarizing herself with her surroundings, the man beside her stirred. She placed a hand over her mouth and looked down to the tiled floor while she recalled the events of the previous night. For a moment, she had forgotten where she was. Luz had been vacationing in her mother’s homeland, the Dominican Republic, for the first time in over a year, the longest she had gone without paying the island a visit. She traveled there so frequently that she knew the immigration officers by name and the female officers often came from
behind the glass partition to give her a hug. She steered clear of the male
immigration officers because they were known to get a little too friendly,
especially with foreign-born Dominicanas traveling on their own.
Usually she went to the DR alone, but this time Luke, her boyfriend of seven months, was accompanying her. Luke was the complete opposite of Luz. He was short, stout and fair-skinned with light-colored eyes that changed depending on his mood or the color of his shirt. Luz was tall with sizeable hips but a slender figure. She spent most of her mornings on a treadmill or punching and kicking Tae Bo-style to old VHS tapes. She had long, jet-black hair and a tan complexion.
They rooted for opposite teams—he for his home team, the Red Sox, while Luz was a seasonal Yankees fan — which meant they were bound to break up during the
post-season depending on whose team made it further into the playoffs and how
much gloating the other could withstand. Luke enjoyed his scotch neat while Luz
preferred a cold cerveza now and then and only resorted to hard drinks when in
desperate need of a pick-me-up. They were such opposites, in fact, that many of their friends often joked that the only thing they had in common was the first two letters of their names.
Even so, Luke was kind and understanding and ‘got’ Luz. He especially understood and respected her need for writing, encouraging her and even submitting discarded manuscripts to local contests behind her back. He was handsome, well-mannered and the first real American boy to pursue Luz. She appeared to be living theAmerican Dream.

About the Author:

Leslie DJ is a Dominican-American writer and radio personality who resides in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City.

She is the writer and founder of SinisterGirlz.com, an online publication that features written and audio music related content. She hosts Sinister Girlz Live on WBMB Baruch College Radio 94.3 FM New York on Fridays at 4pm EST.

Her debut novel, “That Girl” was released in September of 2016 and is available on Amazon.com

She graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Playwriting from Marymount Manhattan College and received her MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction from The New School of General Studies.

Have you been to the Dominican Republic? What was it like, what made it into the book and what didn't? Or, how was writing vignettes different than a typical novel? Was it authentic for this story and/or something you'll continue?
My parents are from the Dominican Republic, I am a first generation Dominican American and I visited the island as a kid against my will. The thought of spending my summers there without cable TV or English-language programming did not appeal to me at all. I didn’t start traveling there on my own until my early twenties. Each trip spurred all kinds of ideas as I immersed myself in the culture and partook in new experiences. I was reading books by Junot Diaz and Julia Alvarez and I wanted to reconnect with my roots. I began writing about my experiences while visiting the Dominican Republic and ended up creating Luz and scripting her journey. It came to me in chunks and it never felt like a linear story. I think it works well with the type of story I wanted to tell. It was a first for me and I think I succeeded in what I wanted this project to be. Aspects of Luz’s story are loosely based on my love affair with the island and the boy I would eventually marry and later divorce. It’s such a tropical and beautiful environment that you can’t help but fall in love with the music, the food and the people. There’s a lot that didn’t make it into the final draft mainly Yanira’s story (Luz’s mother) it’s such a big important story to tell that I feel it’s better to give her, her own book to tell her story. I wanted this book to focus on Luz’s journey and unraveling.

WOW! Thank you so much Leslie for answering both of my questions so thoroughly. Fascinating how thing change when growing up. The kid going against their will sound like a great YA book, if you ask me. I can't wait to read Luz and I'll be on the lookout for her mom's story as well!

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