Sharing My Love of YA

Brooke Banks | 2:06 AM |

I love the YA genre because it really gets inside teenager's heads to explain, explore and examine what is going on with them. One of my favorite authors ever, Ellen Hopkins captured my love and admiration with her Crank series. I found it on the shelve in the school library in a little rural town where I grew up. I'd never read anything like it. I felt connected, understood and not so alone. That's where my journey began. It continued with Cut by Patrica McCormick, Luna, and Making The Run. I haven't stopped loving the genre, even though I'm no longer a young adult. I think too many adults brush off YA fiction needlessly. There's so much wealth to be found once you acknowledged that teenagers are unique, interesting individuals with their own thoughts and feelings. Reconnect with your younger self and the kids around you today while experiencing well thought out worlds and twisting plots by reading Young Adult Fiction.

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