Around the Blogosphere: Just a Booklover♥ turns one + Giveaway

Brooke Banks | 12:32 AM |
You know that tagline up in the header? I really do live off giveaways and freebies to support my reading habit. Once I get back to working, I'll start doing my own giveaways. Until then though I've been meaning to post more about the giveaways I enter and give a little shout out to my fellow bloggers. (There's also more giveaways I enter in my twitter and facebook feed, fyi.)

Today I got an email update from a great blog I follow and I'm pleased to announce:

Just a Booklover♥ has Been Blogging for a YEAR!

Seriously, CONGRATS!

 I hope I make it that far and still going strong. I've learned so much in my few months of blogging, I can't even imagine what it'll be like in a year's time. Hell, I'm sure it'll be different in just a month, I'm always tweeting and fiddling with things. I should probably stop so I can do more actual!

Her blog is awesome and just dripping with Dante. Even more proof of how much she hearts Dante? Two prizes are all about Dante - a copy of The Collector and a copy of Opal. The other prize is a book of choice.

Oh, and there's swag. Lots of swag, again, like Dante.

Did I mention there was a giveaway? Yeah, go check it out and congratulate her!

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