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The Art of Change 
by Kelly Andria
Format: Paperback, 348 pages
Published: June 30th 2012 by Xlibris, Corp.
Categories: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Humor,

When gallery owner Nellie, a giving yet neurotic New Yorker, brings together the mismatched cast of characters in the opening of Ryan Whittaker’s debut, a phallic show, little does she know that she is setting the scene for odd and unpredictable relationships, much like Shakespeare in Midsummer Night’s Dream. The frenzied, magical mix-up is an outrageous farce with a deep moral message: there is a RIGHT place for everyone in this world and love and friendship cement us in it. The Art of Change is a funny, smooth reading romance, which deals with bridging differences in gender, education, social milieu, in an insane but pragmatic, modern fairytale, set in New York City. The twists of the plot are written without an ounce of cynicism but simply acknowledging that life is neither here nor there, neither black or white and all can be dealt with in real friendship and love.
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Excerpt:Chapter 2

Monroe Burton looked at the art show invitation on his dresser. Ryan Whittaker: The Manhunt:
The Elusive State of Happiness.

He didn’t know whether it was the age of the artist—a brash twenty-eight years— or the
forthright sexual innuendo of the title placed above the painting of the phallic symbol in
chiaroscuro that aroused his curiosity. An artist with an eye for seeing the extraordinary in
the ordinary . . . isolating and bringing it to another level of meaning. Voyeurism with humor.

Instantly, he decided to attend.

“I’m so tired of installations, photography, video and performance art, ad nauseam—enough! I
need paintings. I am definitely ending my gallery tour with this show tonight,” he told himself.

In addition to the immediate interest sparked by this exhibit, Monroe had a soft spot for the
gallery owner, Nellie Adams, a forty-something recent divorcée who had opened her own
gallery, 911, despite all odds. Judging from her previous shows, it was clear she promoted
budding artists, controversial views, and outsiders, irrespective of profit and possibility.

Nellie reminded him of older times, when art used to be ART and not another commodity or a
way of exhibiting wealth and power. Over the last thirty years, the majority of art had become
tied to social causes and issues. It had become so complicated. But, hey, he thought, if that’s
what sells . . .

Yet how exhausting and uninspiring it is for an art critic to review works such as the latest he
had seen and simply refused to write up: a woman between two huge pieces of Styrofoam toast,
a human slice of salami, supposedly symbolizing the pressure and subordination of the female
by the male, the family, and career. He was drained, tired, and weary of reviewing works he
thought were less than junk. He had kept his standards high, his views fresh, and the art world
appreciated his precise dissections and fair criticism. Even if the readers sometimes didn’t
agree with the review, they would always enjoy it!

Monroe picked up the elegant card and turned it over in his hand.

Now, global art . . . maybe? Tonight he wanted to unveil an artist who moved within realms like
bioengineering or human issues—like AIDS! Now there was an idea: sex awareness with a
twist. Yes, this young man from Oregon just might be sending this message. It was something
Monroe wanted to believe.


Kelly Andria is the pen name of two very close friends who decided to write a story to make people laugh. The two authors, although different in many ways and viewpoints, have a lot in common. Both Greek Americans coming from conservative vibrant families, they learned to speak and act as they believe. Fair but always kind. Their passion for art, food and romance led them to become authors of a comedy that redefines the “boy meets girl” norm. The wacky one of the group knew that they had the stories in them. The other half quickly became convinced as their quirky characters took shape and form and gained a voice of their own.

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