Hello Again

Brooke Banks | 9:06 AM |
It's been while because my life has been full of bullshit and I didn't have the spoons for reviewing. I'm sorry for suddenly dropping off like that but at the time, there wasn't anything else to do but go offline and get shit done.

My life is still pretty full and it's not all over yet but I'm feeling much better. Things are on the right track at least. Now I've got a great job I just started and my daughter is safely rocking 3rd grade. Plus, I've been reading like I used to (Gods, how much I missed it!) and am now itching to get my thoughts out there again.

I've got my to-read shelf and pages of notes to flush out into reviews as well as updating and fixing my previous posts for the new template. There's the review index I've got to keep updated and various odds and ends which will keep me busy while I get into the swing of review blogging again.

I don't have a set post schedule or anything. I'm keeping it light and fun, because the last thing I need is another chore. I'm extremely excited to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, especially since meatspace is sorely lacking in book nerds to geek out with me. :D

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