#ArmchairBEA Day 3: Beyond Books, My Favorite Webcomics

Brooke Banks | 6:00 AM |

Armchair BEA
Here on Day 3, we are moving our focus beyond the traditional format of the media we consume and create!

Beyond the traditional form of the novel, what are your favorite alternative forms (graphic novels, audiobooks, webcomics, etc)? Do you have any favorite works within these alternate forms?

I haven’t listened to an audiobook yet though I’ve been meaning to. It’s only been like 3 years since the first time I said that…

Graphic Novels are another thing I keep meaning to look into more though I’ve dipped a toe in already, My favorite is WE3.

Webcomics, now those I’ve been keeping up with and I’m hoping to find more from fellow bloggers. My favorites:

Emma Crewe doesn’t care for books, but has the power to literally be lost in one.
When Emma lands in another world following a library fire, she discovers she’s a Namesake — one with the power to open portals to other worlds via the power of their name: strange, fantasy, and fairy-tale lands we know thanks to literature, cinema, and folks tales. The rules of Namesakes are quite clear - Alices always go to Wonderland. Wendys always go to Neverland. However, Emma finds herself in Oz, where she is expected to act as the latest in a long line of Dorothies. She instead unveils a magical conspiracy plot that’s more than 100 years in the making.
While Emma is stumbling down the Yellow Brick Road, her younger sister Elaine discovers she’s a Writer — one gifted with the power to make stories come to life. Will Elaine be her sister’s key back home?
Aided by magic-wielding twins from Oz, a half-Cheshire Alice, a devilishly charming Jack, a sword-wielding Lost Girl, a hungry card soldier, and a confused Canadian, Emma must walk through many stories to find everyone’s happy ending.

Gunnerkrigg Court: 

Questionable Content: 

Questionable Content is an internet comic strip about romance and robots. It started on August 1, 2003. It updates five times a week, Monday through Friday.
Jeph Jacques writes and draws Questionable Content. It has been his full-time job since September 2004. Jeph is originally from Rockville, MD, USA and currently lives in Halifax, NS, Canada. Jeph also makes Alice Grove, which is a sci-fi comic strip. He is also currently doing dord.horse. He also makes music.

Scenes from A Multiverse: 

A Girl And Her Fed

The Awkward Yeti : 

Girls with Slingshots:

Eerie Cuties : 

Magick Chicks:

Anthing comic : 
Anything about Nothing are a collection of random comics I make in my spare time or time when I should be doing other things. Like work.

Occasionally there are times I will find a comic that I have made and cannot remember making it. I lie, that only happened once. I make them because it's fun.

My name's Kelly Angel, I live in the north of England. I enjoy drawing, watching films, reading things, playing video games and some other things.
Then there’s all those I follow on Webtoons. 

I did not realize how many I follow o.0

How do you think the changing format affects the reading experience?

For webcomics, it’s much slower since they typically only update a page every couple of days at most. So for plot heavy Namesake, it’s been around 4 years and they recently posted a page described as “Where Emma learns the plot”. Plenty has happened of course, but the overarching plot is still coming into view.

Being a visual medium, they have pictures to help flush the story out but what I’m so impressed with is how every word is important and necessary. There’s no space to waste on lackluster fare that does nothing for the story or characters.

Slice of Life comics don’t typically follow a story and are simply every day stories from everyday people, like Lunababoon, which focuses on parenting and Smile Brush, which has heartwarming tales from warro’s life. I can’t neglect to mention Doodle for Food or or Blue Chair, the latter which incorporates from Q&A from readers. There’s also Sara Anderson, Gemma Correll, Fowl Language Comics, The Odd 1 Out, Poorly Drawn Lines, and Invisible Bread.

While coming up with something new every day is a creative and time pressure I can’t imagine, it also gives material from pop culture. Tales from a Multiverse does this often, especially with politics.

There are others that simply stick with a theme rather than one story line, like Happle Tea.

Let me know what webcomics you follow and what you think of my choices. 
Do you have some suggestions for someone dragging their feet about trying audiobooks like me? 

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