[Review] Crimson Sky by Amy Braun: Solid Gaslamp Paranormal Romance

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I received a free copy in order to review it from Xpresso Book Tours.

Series: Dark Sky #1
Genre: Gaslamp, Paranormal, Romance,
Age: YA
Format: Ebook, 240 pgs.
Source: Free copy from Xpresso Book Tours
Rating: 3 Stars
Recommendable? For fans of the genres
CW: Violence, Torture,
They’re always watching. They’re always waiting. They’re always starving…

Ten years ago, the sky shattered and the Hellions emerged. No one was able to keep them from destroying the city of Westraven. Now that the bloodthirsty monsters rule the skies and have forced the few remaining humans underground, Claire Abernathy lives in a nightmare. She survives by using her skills as an engineer for a ruthless tyrant connected to her mother and father’s past failure.

Then Claire’s world is torn apart when her sister Abby is kidnapped by the Hellions, and Claire herself is taken by dangerous sky pirates known as marauders. But Claire will not be intimidated by them while her sister’s life hangs by a thread, and so she strikes a deal with them: If they help rescue Abby, she will fix their ship and give them the chance to take the revenge they desperately seek.

As Claire fights for her sister’s life, she begins to realize that the Hellions are not the only dangers she’ll face. Burdensome secrets and devastating betrayals threaten her at every turn, and if she loses herself to them, it won’t just be her life that is destroyed…

Young Adult IconAction/Adventure IconparanormalRomance IconVamps Icon

The Good The Bad & The Other
Interesting take on vampires Took some time to become engaged & warm up to Claire
Liked the Gaslamp factors and Claire’s engineering magic Predictable
Liked the character progression and reveals Knew Sawyer’s secret immediately

Claire, our reluctant heroine, was annoying at times in the beginning and felt off. I was very tired of hearing “I don’t know and don’t wanna.” It was also hard hearing her think she’s no one and nothing when that’s so clearly wrong. I was just waiting for her to get her shit together.

Once the pirates crash the scene it gets interesting. However, there was hamhanded foreshadowing throughout. Every time someone said “it’ll be fine” or ignored their instincts it bit them in the ass. Plus, there’s no self-awareness or fake outs. While I wasn’t 100% right about how, I was right about what would happen.

Even with all that, Claire grew on me as did Sawyer. For me, even if it was strained at times, the action and romance saved Crimson Sky. While the worldbuilding was interesting, I didn’t start caring until the characters showed up.

Towards the end, there’s a…complication, a romantic complication. While I went “Noooooo! But Sawyer!”, I didn’t hate him or the situation. It was fitting and Claire’s realization at the end was touching.


3 Stars: Solid. A rocky thus slow beginning led to predictable but enjoyable action and a budding romance I can cheer for. Finally engaged, I look forward to reading Midnight Sky. I think it’ll pay off and the unique worldbuilding will get to shine.

Recommended For: 
Fans of Gaslamp or paranormal romance will be right at home with Crimson Sky by Amy Braun.

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