[Review] Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza: YA Sci-Fi Ruined By Romance

Mila 2.0 was a 2013 debut that everyone was talking about. I was hyped to read it because its cover immediately caught my eye with the dashing blue and the blurb sounded right up my alley. I remember furiously trying to win it and add it to my shelves. Life happened, yada yada yada, and I finally got to read it this April. I figured this way, I could just blaze through the series with Redemption's release.

Sadly, that is not meant to be. But first...

The Book:

Series: Mila 2.0 #1
Genre: Sci-Fi
Age: YA
Format: ARC PB, 470 pgs.
Source: Gift
Rating: 3 Stars
Recommendable? Sorta
Mila 2.0 is the first book in an electrifying sci-fi thriller series about a teenage girl who discovers that she is an experiment in artificial intelligence.

Mila was never meant to learn the truth about her identity. She was a girl living with her mother in a small Minnesota town. She was supposed to forget her past—that she was built in a secret computer science lab and programmed to do things real people would never do.

Now she has no choice but to run—from the dangerous operatives who want her terminated because she knows too much and from a mysterious group that wants to capture her alive and unlock her advanced technology. However, what Mila’s becoming is beyond anyone’s imagination, including her own, and it just might save her life.

Mila 2.0 is Debra Driza’s bold debut and the first book in a Bourne Identity-style trilogy that combines heart-pounding action with a riveting exploration of what it really means to be human. Fans of I Am Number Four will love Mila for who she is and what she longs to be—and a cliffhanger ending will leave them breathlessly awaiting the sequel.

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The Good The Bad & The Other
+Action packed fast read -Ending
+Mom's character arc Instalove, didn't feel it wish there was more of a connection
+Hooked quick Intrigued to continue but unsure because of the romance.
+Mila’s internal struggle -sci-fi isn't explained, it just is

When I first started reading, I was hooked wondering what was wrong with Mila and her mother even knowing where it was headed due to the blurb. I liked getting to know them and their everyday lives.

Because of the push/pull of her mom, I thought Mila 2.0 would go a bit differently than the standard robot. I’m seemingly wrong so far but it’s a solid portrayal nonetheless.

I love Mila’s inner turmoil over her origins and her character growth. Her mother’s character arc was just as fantastic, if not more so. Seeing her from Mila’s POV was rough at first, but they both grew and became the best parts of the book.

Mila 2.0 is a pretty fast read with lots of action. While there’s the basic Evil, the scientists are well-done though the science behind it all instead expounded on much. I liked the fight with [Spoiler]. Definitely some predictions based on foreshadowing and I’m curious to see it play out.


The big liability is Mila and Hunter’s relationship. It was so short and convenient. Some obvious questions that should’ve been noticed are missed.

There was hardly anything between them, including conversations. Beyond the “weirdos” that “found” each other insta-connect, there’s nothing to see. Considering how much the ending hinges on their relationship, it was extremely disappointing.



Recommended For: 
As much as I enjoyed everything before, the "romance" makes me hesitant to continue the Mila 2.0 series. At first, I figured I'd give it a shot, but then...I read some reviews for the second book, Renegade, then ones for Redemption. Reviewers bring up the same issues and worries I have. So I’ll keep it on the list to maybe one day continue but for now: ehhh, no.


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