[#SummerBookBlogChallenge] Week 2: Winning The Blogging Slump Boss Fight

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Hosted by Parajunkee, my prompt today:

How Do I Battle Blogging Slumps? Don’t look at me!

This is something I don’t know how to do. I took a hiatus and came back. I haven’t been around long enough to have a new experience with it, fight it, and win. I’ll be checking out everyone else’s post to find out tips to stay ahead of the game though. My plan now that’ve come back is mainly: don’t stress and plan. So this’ll be useful in the future I’m sure but hopefully not too soon.

I do have some helpful links to share:

While I don’t have the experience to inspire my own lists I would like to add one thing that people often overlook: mental health and paying attention. Self-care is important and most lists include simple things like taking a break or bath or w/e relaxes you. But what I’m talking about goes beyond that.

There’s a huge stigma against it, I fought against it my whole life. Even after I was willing to admit to being depressed since I clearly couldn’t get up to work, I fought my doctors when they wanted to change my meds to ones for bipolar. My gut reaction was that it was wrong, that’s not me, that’s not who I am. I might be an atypical case, but I can’t ignore how profoundly it’s affected me. It’s the main reason I was held back before and what has allowed me to come back.

So while your blog hopping, go down the path most avoid from denial and fear. Start from the inside out. Wonder about it a bit, think about your habits and mood trends. It might or might not turn out the same way for you, but either way it’s important.

Hopefully, nothing more comes of it than realizing it’s not something bodily out of your control and you can start focus what you put in/on your body, what you surround yourself with and so on. If there’s a niggle of worry, if there’s something you’re now noticing, or your mood tracker/diary illustrates it, examine it.

Is there something that happens at those times? Is it something you can control or need to find ways to cope? Is it an event or a trigger? It could be as simple as finding out what your most productive times to write or brainstorm is so you can better plan around your own subconscious patterns. If it’s something more or something you’re worried about, talk to someone. Friends, family, doctors, all of the above. They might notice something you don’t or different ways to help. No matter what is, it’s okay.

This is my own experiences and what’s helped me as a person who dedicates a portion of my time, effort, passion, and love to being a book blogger. I’m not an expert or health professional, but I’m here if you need someone to listen to and will help however I can. I’ve been there, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

And as someone who’s spent a lot of time looking for, reading, and trying advice lists: if they fail for you, it’s okay. Fuck it! I’ve tried so hard to make so many different things work. I’ve forced myself and made myself feel terrible for it. They don’t work for everyone and you might be like me and have to bumble along until you find your own way. But you can and will and it will change too. Roll with it.

A couple of months ago I was writing in the morning before work and on the bus. After a few miserable unproductive weeks, I’m now writing this at home in the night with a fan on. (Thanks AZ Summer!) I know now that when I start playing with my hair by putting it up or down, I’m thinking so I need to stay put. When I start twirling it or rubbing my head, it’s time to do something else or take a break from it all. Forcing myself at that point is counterproductive. Brushing my hair can either spark what I need to do next or burn down my mental block. What I’m saying is I have a weird thing about my hair for whatever reason. But it works.

Different issues will have different solutions. If there was one perfect thing, you’d only hear about that one thing. So the easiest advice to spout but hardest to follow: don’t stress it and keep trying. If all else fails, play with your hair!

One tip I discovered writing this post and about getting stuck on a tangent: take it out and make it a separate article. Either it’ll wrap back up into what you were talking about and make sense or you’ll have a second post. Win, Win.

Of course most of the time I feel like a fake blogger who should let my reviews die an anonymous death on Goodreads so…*shrug* Maybe I’ll go look up battling Imposter syndrome and reading listicle advice on that next. Oh, wait already did… 21 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome.

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  1. I feel like I get blogging slumps when I'm really busy, either with school, work, health, or family. I try to be creative and post as much as I can, but sometimes I wear myself out. So don't worry about the posts! Just have fun. :)


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