#SummerBookBlogChallege Better Late Than Never Week 3: Summer Mood & Summer Movies Edition

Brooke Banks | 11:08 AM |

The Summertime Blog & Reader Challenge hosted by Parajunkee.

The kids are almost out of school, the weather is heating up, summer is right around the corner! Don’t let the sun and pool time distract you from your love of blogging! Who needs outdoor time? Let’s read, let’s blog, let’s talk about books.

This challenge is to help you overcome the summertime slump, give you easy topics to blog about and discuss. A chance to meet new bloggers and interact with them about similar subjects and get exposure for your blog.

I hope you’ll join parajunkee.com on this fun challenge. It’s not meant to be stressful, it’s meant to be fun. Change it up, or stick to the game plan. You can start at any time, end at any time, this is made to help you.

Technically, this challenge is over. However, since I wrote all this up, I'm posting it anyways. I'm doing two prompts from Week 3. First up:

My Summer Mood

In a Pinterest Board

Summer Movies I'm Excited For:

  1.  Finding Dory. Because DUH
  2. Ghostbusters All Female Reboot because it looks fun, I want to support it, and everyone's going to be talking about it. 
  3. Warcraft: The Beginning Because I still have the Warcraft 3 on my computer and was a huge WoW player years and years ago. My friend got me into it and while we've moved on to other MMORPGs, we sunk a lot of hours and had a lot of fun playing it.  

I have no idea what else is coming out, TBH. I'm not a big movie fan and usually wait til it's available for download to watch. But Finding Dory cannot wait. Now I just need to pool the extra cash and take my daughter to see it. :D

What movies do you want to see?
Have you ever posted challenge posts late? Is it a faux pas? 

1 comment:

  1. I think it's fine to post these things late - if you want to post, then post! :) I saw Finding Dory and it was really fun. Not AS good as the original, of course, but still a good one. I love Ellen DeGeneres!!

    I'm excited for Ghostbusters too!



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