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On behalf of Rich In Variety Tours, I'm pleased to present the cover reveal for C.T Callahan's Plastic Wings. First up, let's meet the author of this YA paranormal we're all bound to love.

About the Author:

C.T. Callahan is the author of young adult fantasy, sci-fi, and a weird assortment of short stories. Hailing from a mixed-racial background, she’s pledged her writing to contribute to the spread of diversity in fiction and the fight for equality. When away from reading and writing, you’ll most likely find her engaged in art or snuggling cute dogs. Learn more at Follow on Twitter

Plastic Wings by C.T. Callahan

When seven-year-old Evie Weiss discovers a strange, sickly boy in her otherwise familiar forest, she has no idea what it holds for her world. He is a dark angel, one of a race of humanoid beings that feed on humanity and tear Evie’s world down around her. Years later, as humanity mounts a counter-attack against the dark angels, Evie remembers the boy in the forest and finds herself torn between her loyalty to her own people and feelings of compassion for these strange creatures that first captivated her as a child. It is the quest of one girl to unite two worlds so separated by war, but how can she close the gap between two races so determined to hate each other?

Inclusion of Diversity: This book includes black and multi-racial characters, gay and ace characters, and characters with depression and PTSD.

Expected publication: November 2016 by Three Little Books Co. so keep an eye out!

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I love this style and all the details on the feather. What do you think? Plan on picking this one up?

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  1. Oh, I love the sound of this one! I especially appreciate the gay and ace representation. I still haven't read a book with an ace MC, though. I need to fix that.


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