F/F Skiing Romance I Didn't Know I Needed: Gravity by Juliann Rich

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For the record, I know jack shit about skiing. Generally, I do not care a lick for sports. HOWEVER, the blurb had me intrigued. I had no idea women’s skiing is still struggling with sexism and only 5 years ago became an Olympic sport.

And for it to have F/F romance on top of that? I HAD to sign up.

I’m so glad I did. If you’re clueless like me, don’t worry. Everything is explained well, simply, and the descriptions of the jumps are breathtaking. It's educational, interesting, and has the sign off from real Olympic women skiers!


Genre: Contemporary, Romance, F/F
Age: YA
Format: Ebook, 224 pgs.
Source: Free for Review
Rating: 5 Stars
Recommendable? Hell Yes
A shot at Olympic gold in ski jumping. It’s a dream that has been the exclusive property of male athletes. Until now.

For seventeen-year-old Ellie Engebretsen, the 2011 decision to include women’s ski jumping in the Olympics is a game changer. She’d love to bring home the gold for her father, a former Olympic competitor whose dreams were blown along with his knees on an ill-timed landing. But can she defy the pull of gravity that draws her to Kate Moreau, her biggest competition and the girl of her dreams?

How can Ellie soar through the air when all she feels like doing is falling hard?

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Advanced Praise for Gravity:

“A spicy novel about two young women daring to fly free in life and love while accurately depicting the thrill of ski jumping!”

About Juliann Rich

Minnesota writer Juliann Rich spent her childhood in search of the perfect climbing tree. The taller, the better! A branch thirty feet off the ground and surrounded by leaves, caterpillars, birds, and squirrels was a good perch for a young girl to find herself. Seeking truth in nature and finding a unique point of view remain crucial elements in her life as well as her writing.

Juliann is the author of four young adult novels: CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE, SEARCHING FOR GRACE, TAKING THE STAND, and GRAVITY (forthcoming in November, 2016). She writes character-driven books about young adults who are bound to discover their true selves and the courage to create an authentic life… if the journey doesn’t break them.

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The Good The Bad & The Other
Loved Ellie, Jack, and Kate ????
Great explanations and descriptions of skiing
Swearing! Sex! No slut-shaming! Teens being teens!
Ellie and Kate are perfect *love*
Loved the family dynamics and issues
Loved how it acknowledges the luck & privilege necessary to ski

Ellie is not the usual YA female protagonist and neither is her best friend Jack. Which I FUCKING LOVED. Seriously, so refreshing. They sneak into bars, have sex including flings and one night stands, make some stupid decisions, talk shit and swear, brilliant, and are figuring shit out the hard way. Plus, no slut-shaming!

If you’re a tut-tutter, check out all the other books for you instead.

While I did have moments of “NOOOO Ellie!” it’s not because I was frustrated, but because I wanted the best for her. It’s an intense, thrilling ride inside Ellie’s head and I was sucked in immediately. Her and Kate are perfect for each other, as is the ending. Except I was waiting for the parents to get it together…

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