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The School of Second Chances 

(Evanders School for Enchanted Personage #1)
When a group of mishaps are drawn together at the most prestigious magical school in Scotland, vampires meet banshees, witches meet wolves, and things begin to happen that haven’t happened for an age. For these eight teenagers, turning sixteen has never seemed so terrifying. To learn how to hone their skills, they will discover more secrets lurking behind the shadows of their mythical lives than they ever realised existed. How they survive the school is one thing. How they survive each other will be quite another.

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School of Second Chances
is a magical boarding school where only a few kids are picked each year. It starts when they’re 16 so they have a solid core education and are integrated into society well.

These kids are chosen for talent and destiny. It’s not so much the Big Bad Vs. The Chosen One, but more contemporary issues while being magical. It’s internal and intrapersonal conflicts and setting things up for more down the line.

It’s a multiple POV book that starts by switching through all the kids to get them introduced. It feels slow to get going because of this. There's the standard paranormal creatures a few rarely seen like banshees and kelpies. There's even more in the other grades at Evander's and I hoping to see more of them as well. Especially the dragon. :D

Once they’re at the school and settled in, there’s a few plot threads set up and the focus becomes Payson, Riley, and Spike.

I loved all the cast and was completely absorbed in their relationships and drama. I flew through it once the first “OMFG” moment happened. Some kids pair off quickly while others are working on everyday relationships and some are just single.

I love the representation so far in School of Second Chances and I’m looking forward to seeing more in the next books as well as finding out what happens. The ending is a raging cliffhanger but luckily I had the companion novella to read right away. It doesn’t leave off where this book ends, but has a wrapped up ARC and gives the warm and fuzzy.

I do have a few questions about why the “bad kid” is going the route they are as it doesn’t make to me. However, I’m an old fart who says that often now so I’m letting it go to see how it unfurls in the next book.

While I wouldn’t say School of Second Chances is religious, there is soul mates and the vampires are at risk of losing their souls. The soul mates part is done well, but the latter is the part I had a problem swallowing. So, if that's no issue for you, you'll probably love the series with no problems. It ties into the “bad kid” issue but I do love how it centers consent and communication.

The only other non-spoiler thing I can think of to mention is that it does read like younger YA at times and it should be fine for newly teen crowd as well.

The Lost and Lonely 

(Evanders School for Enchanted Personage #1.5)
Phil always thought his life was going to be chaotic. Orphaned as a child and having grown up in foster care, his boyfriend Logan is the only shining light in his world, along with Phil’s two foster sisters, Ella and Estelle. But when Estelle goes off to a fancy new boarding school, suddenly everything changes. His life won’t always be dark and lonely, but it will no longer be simple, either. When the Sutherland’s enter his life, Phil has to question what secrets he’s willing to keep and where the word ‘magical’ fits into his normal, human life.

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The Lost & Lonely is a novella that takes place while the magical kids are off at school. It follows Phil and Ella, Estelle the Fairy’s foster brother and sister.

I was hoping to get some clues as to what Estelle’s problem is as she goes through a radical attitude change towards the last part of School of Second Chances.

Sadly, there’s none of that except ruling out what’s not the problem.

Lost and Lonely is a very sweet tale of how they were adopted and adapting to their new family. I loved finding out how it went down and their adoptive parents make sense after discovering these kinds of kelpies in book #1.

It’s a literal magical fairytale adoption. It’s not this easy or grand in reality, but I’m willing to get that go because I love the HEA, the characters, and with magical peeps pulling the strings, anything can happen.

Since this follows Estelle’s human siblings and takes place integrated society, the most magic used is the Sutherland’s transformations. But it’s adorable!

Given Estelle’s trajectory I have a feeling these characters are going to come into play in the second book and getting to know them here is useful.

If you need warm and fuzzies after The School of Second Chances heart wrenching cliffhanger, you should definitely read this one right afterwards.

About the Author:

Elaine White is the author of multi-genre romance, covering everything from paranormal, crime and contemporary. Growing up in a small town and fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. Living vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, she lives comfortably at home with a pack of wolves cleverly disguised as one standard poodle.

The Winner of two Watty Awards – Collector's Dream (An Unpredictable Life) and Hidden Gem (Faithfully) – she has explored the worlds of multiple genres, but remains a romantic at heart. A self-professed geek, Elaine has fallen in love with reading and writing LGBT romance, offering diversity in both genre and character within her stories.

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  1. This sounds like a cool book. Like Camp Half-Blood, but grown up a little and including more paranormal instead of mythological creatures.

    1. Sadly, I haven't read that yet so I can't compare the two. :(

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