2017 Challenge Sign Ups Dump: Because Why The Fuck Not?

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I'm shooting for one a month, which puts me in Level 2: Creative Conversationalist. I've never posted a discussion post and I think it's important to do so. I certainly have plenty of ideas written down, time to make it happen!


This lines up with my already made goal, so why not? Shooting for 51+ books

Again, aligns with goals I already made for myself. The hardest part will be remembering to check back and link up XD

Because there are tons of diverse stories in other formats than novels that I NEED to get to, so here it goes! I'm going to go slow with the first level, Modern Age: 12 books.


Since I want to review every book I read and my GR goal is 200, plus my desire to expand into non-book reviews, I'm shooting for 210 reviews. o.O Holy shit, pray for me.

Because I already have the goal of getting my Netgalley % up and catching up on past due review copies so why not? Starting at Level 1 Bronze: 10 books, because that's around my catch up number right now.

The Mother Lode:


  • Get my Netgalley percentage up to 80%
  • Read 50 books that I already own
  • Read all blog tour books 2 weeks before post date

Blogging Goals:

  • Fix tags on blog
  • Redo your layout or update your design
  • Update Pages on your blog
  • Respond to comments as they come in
  • Create a Blog/Review Schedule (e.g. using a spreadsheet)
  • Stay ahead of the reviews 

The Pièce de Résistance

I WANT TO BE THE VERY BEST! Okay, if not the Diverse Blogger of the Year than 30 points for sure. I already have stuff to link now and am making plans *rubs hands together**evil laugh*

To help me keep track, make it easy to find, and stay accountable, I found this great make your own tracker. I'll be adding one for each challenge along with the button to my sidebar.

Here's the one I made for the Discussion Post Challenge! I put 1 in just to see how it would look, not trying to cheat :D

1 ~ 12 (8.33%)


  1. LOL Love that tag. Thinking like that is why I usually end up signing up for so many challenges.

    1. Lol exactly! I'm not stressing it though, I'll do what I can *shrug*

      Best way to approach them, just having fun. :D

  2. I am determined to work on some of my back list this year. I have books I have had since 2009 that I have never read!

    1. Oh gosh, I haven't been tracking how long mine have been sitting there. I really just don't want to know. *buries head*

      Good luck!

  3. Awesome challenges :) Thanks for joining us with Shelf Love!!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad take part of it this year!

  4. Ambitious! Best wishes on all the challenges you've set yourself.

  5. Yay, I am a Creative Conversationalist too! I hope you enjoy the Discussion challenge, it's so worth the effort. Some of the other ones sound fun too, but I have to sit on my hands now - NO MORE CHALLENGES LORY.

    1. I've been saying that to myself like every damn challenge sign up post too! Like "Let me suffer with you!" LOL

  6. I love your title, "why the fuck not." I should have named mine that! Good luck, and keep me updated on how you're doing! I'm trying a ton as well, so hopefully I won't forget about any of them throughout the year! :)

    1. Yay, I'm glad people are liking the tag :D I'm planning on doing an update every month to help me remember and update them all lol.

      Thanks and good luck on yours too!


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