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"Damn, wish I'd thought of that" is apparently a very common thought. There's even a conference based on that phrase. While it's usually home tips and crafting that I see (and I have plenty of those myself!), I want to highlight some of the amazing, creative, awesome content specific to book bloggers and reviewing.

Did you know January is also International Inspiration Month? What better way to showcase members of this community that are hard at work that's often free, thankless, and draining that inspire me in many different ways, but most importantly, to be a better person.

TBR Jars:

I spent hours and I can't find a definitive answer to who started it. The oldest post I found was this video, which links to a blog post that is now disappeared. But that's what The Wayback Machine is for. I found a copy of the page here, where it says she first heard it from a pen pal when she was 12-13.

I just found out about it through Paige on Twitter with this tweet:

Apparently, I'm VERY late on the uptake. Which makes it perfect for this list!

Book Blogger Icons by Parajunkee

Here's a big preview but if you read my reviews you'll find them there too :D

I LOVE using these, it makes classifying books much easier, prettier, and I use the tag urls to turn them into buttons for browsing other reviews with that label.

Another Parajunkee slam dunk: Book Blogger Planner.

Seriously, is there nothing the woman can't do right?!?!

Bookish Crafts

Okay, so again I have no idea who started it but I love the idea of book inspired candles and pins and shirts and omg, there's so much stuff! I really wish I had more money to give back to the community in this way.

NovelHeartbeat makes candles and dragons but there's no dragon listed and I want one :*(

From a previous listing: Look at this little guy!
Amanda @ Garden Dreams Decor makes lovely book inspired metal flowers.
I have three adorning my shelf right now:

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Marina aka Bookphile, who's mainly on tumbler kicking ass and has a Redbubble shop of bookish dragon designs.

Online Book Tours:

Again, no idea who started it but there's tons of them now and I'm signed up with several as evidenced in my sidebar. They make a whole hell of things easier. Plus, I seem to do well with deadlines. Trying to force myself with arbitrary dates for my reviews that I make up don't seem to work. (I'm a terrible person.) There's no way I'd make my own right now but I always thought it'd be cool shit to work for one. (But I'm a terrible person, see last sentence.)

Special shout out to Rich in Variety, who's a new comer but desperately needed and appreciated. Sign the fuck up now!


Naz @ Read Diverse Books is fucking amazing. I could make a whole list of his shit that I'm thankful for. His latest is the Read Diverse 2017 Reading Challenge.

I have found so many people and books through this tag and browsing through the stream always makes me happy.

The Resistance.

I've talked a bit about the diverse books movement but I want to spotlight another aspect of the literary community doing work I can't even imagine coming up with:

Celeste P. @ The Reading Nook Reviews is a fabulous source for protesting and making your voice heard against all the terrible political bullshit going down. She's also co-creator of @Roadto18 to "help Dems hold and flip seats in 2018, so we can win back both the House and the Senate. Rise Up!"

I am impressed, humbled and honored to be apart of such a community that fights back and supports marginalized people and communities on and off paper. It's glorious and hard work and can be heart-breaking, triggering, with terrible harassers and assholes. And yet they keep going. I've done thing any where near this level, and I hope I'll at least be a useful support because it means so much to me I'm about to cry from just thinking about it all.

Okay, no more heavy stuff today. I don't think I can handle more.

Clever Blog Names

The Everything: Content, Aesthetics, Graphics, Layout, Style, & Grace

You know what's one thing I've never wished I thought of? Story ideas. That sounds really odd given *gestures around vigorously* but I'm a terrible writer. Why would I want such wonderful stories to languish in my dreams and suffer under my pen?

This is obviously not an exhaustive this, though it was exhausting putting all of it together. If you haven't seen or heard of these people, please check them out and support their stupendous work. I hope to at least shine my light on this little platform for the people who deserve it.

What are some things you wished you thought of and people that inspire you?

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  1. This is such a fun post showcasing all of the greatness out there in the blogosphere! Bookish crafts is one category that I could go CRAZY for! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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