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Best Quality Oral Digital Thermometer 

For Infants, Kid & Adults - 30 Seconds Read & Monitor Fever Temperature for Fast & Accurate Measurement, Water Proof, and Flexible by RnS Star

Regular Price: $12.99 + Prime Eligible One Day Shipping

I've always used those cheap metal thermometers, thinking there wasn't a big different and it wouldn't matter.

I couldn't be more wrong.

While my daughter had the cough & sniffles a couple of weeks ago, I ordered this one at her urging. I was skeptical but willing to try, especially with Prime's free returns.

She literally ripped the package from my hands and immediately tested her temperature. And kept testing it on her own volition for a week until she was better.

If I had known it'd be this easy, I would've bought this LONG ago. It's hard as a struggling parent when to splurge on the better items and when the cheapest works just as well.

Do the generic straight metal thermometers work? Of course and if you've only got a couple bucks, that's what you get. But it's not as pleasant and my daughter is a cranky monster when she's sick. She'll use all her energy to fight me because she "doesn't want to". She just wants it to go away and feel better. But life doesn't work like that and anything to help me from losing my mind and get her back to normal self is a win in my book.

  • +Soft, comfortable
  • +Quick & Easy
  • +Reliable
  • +Totally worth $13 bucks.

Me and Brian tested it out too and found out our baseline temperatures. No wonder the dude is always cold, he runs hotter than me and Laylah.

Bonus: Is it just me or is thermometer a pain in the ass to spell? Since I pronounce it with a d-sound, I have to say "therm-o-meter" every single time or I'll sit there like a dumb ass wonder HTF it's spelled. Spell check did not save me when I tried it with a D.

2 Pcs Silicone Facial Scrubber Cleansing Pad Deep Pore Cleaning Brush 

Massage,Blackheads Removing, Exfoliating

Regular Price: $21.99
On Sale Now: $10.99
Prime Eligible

I am always on the lookout for new facial products to try. I'm almost 27 and I'm still struggling with acne problems. My nose is giant whitehead, my chin's a blackhead, my checks and forehead are acne-scar riddled and ripe to sprout new ones when my body decides it really hates my face and my back's a minefield. Oh, and my pores are HUGE. I'd post a picture but nobody wants to see that. Thanks a lot, Mom.

I have found some success and my routine has greatly improved all the above problems. But they're still there. Hence, my continued hunt. At this point, I've given up looking for my holy grail and just want something that produces some results.

So when I saw these, I signed up to review lickety split. I've seen the small round ones around Walmart but they didn't look impressive or worth the money. Plus, I have a microdermabrasion kit, why would I need these?

Why I Love These Massage Pads as Much as My Microdermabrasion Brush

+Convenient. They're always right there and I don't have to worry about a timer or charge running out. Or replacing pads.

+Suction cups worked perfectly for me.I've been able to put it everywhere at a drop of a hat with no problems. That's easier than having to buy a holder, mount it, and only have it in one place.

+Gets in hard to reach places around my nose without having to bend my nose and use both hands.

+Covers a larger area

+I don't have to worry about going too fast and messing it up. The microdermabrasion sometimes feels like it takes forever because you can't push down, you have to glide and make sure it has time to do its job.

While it says for best results to use a cleanser, I've loved using these dry. I keep one at my desk so when I need I can just massage my face. It felt weird the first time I used it with cleaner and water. But dry? That feels so fucking relaxing!

Plus, I use it a lot more sitting at my desk because it's so easy, quick, convenient, and feels great. More Usage = Better Results.

I have tooth and jaw pain (thanks again, Mom.) and using my microdermabrasion hurts when I have these problems because of the vibrations. The pads don't, they actually HELP. That's a reason to love them all on its own.

It's not a miracle product, and if you're looking for that you're going to be disappointed, but I've seen improvements in a couple of days and it won't be a struggle to make using it a habit.

Recommendation: Get it while it's on sale and you won't regret it. $21 bucks is a lot of money for a cheapskate below-poverty-line person like me so it's hard to say "Go buy it now!" at that price. But $11 bucks? Hell yeah!

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  1. I'm so glad that you got a better thermometer! It should last longer than the cheep ones, so it's probably worth the $13!


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