Ok, Seriously Here Are My Own 2017 Goals

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2017 Goals

  • Do More Beta or Sensitivity Reading
    • I’ll be creating a page called “Services” when I’m ready to announce it and set up some guidelines. And keeping an eye out on Twitter in the meantime. I won’t be charging right now for a multitude of reasons. However, there’s some 2016 clean up still necessary before I take that step forward.
    • Rough ETA: March for official search launch
  • Complete 2017 Reading/Reviewing/Blogging Challenges
    • The specific ones will come in a separate sign up post
    • ETA: Ongoing; End of the Year for completion
  • Blog the whole year long
    • Thankfully, housing and employment have remained stable and should for the foreseeable future with a strong cushion in case it doesn’t. But my mental and physical issues are lifelong conditions that make this a goal I need to commit to. It’s just not as simple for me.
  • Review Books Within 1 Week of Completion
    • At this moment, I still have 7 reviews from 2016 to finish. I’d love to say they’re all from December but alas, it’s mostly ARC August readathons and such that have piled up. I DON’T want this problem next year. So, I’ll be striving to finish and post a review (at least on GR) for each book read in 1 week unless there’s a specified date for an event, release, tour, etc.
  • Don’t Fall Behind on ARCs & Review Copies
    • Request Less, Plan More & Do It Quicker. Basically, the same as the sub-bullet above.
  • Complete at least 1 Blogging Master List Item Per Month
    • Things tend to pile up and get neglected, which just makes it all worse. There’s so many damn things to do! I might come up with a schedule later but for now, doing any damn thing around here would be a win.
  • Comment More & Consistently
    • And I don’t mean just reciprocating those who comment here. I’ve started commenting well these last couple of months but it’s been hit or miss for making it a routine or habit. Thus, this goal.
    • To Start: 14 comments per week. Hopefully I can find a way and time that works best for me to hop around and ramp that up as the year progresses.
  • Make My Own Design to Re-Do My Blog
    • This coincides with personal plans I’ve made for myself and I love the idea of hand making a new look to match.
    • ETA: TBD, depends on other shit.
  • Review More Non-Bookish Stuff
    • I have two things to review soonish, but I want to make it a consistent, focused thing. 
  • Post Updates on How I'm Doing Throughout the Year
    • Kinda like the monthly hauls and recaps people do, but not because that just sounds daunting and not fun. I'm a make it something that works for me. Or not, but I'll at least try. 

January is going to be Finish Cleaning Up Month since working the holidays screwed all my plans up. So quickly this month I’ll be:

  • Finishing and posting all reviews from books read in 2016. I’ve done a couple already and whittled it down to 7. I’ve also already reviewed one book I’ve read in 2017 with the second review completion being tomorrow. Looking good for keeping that goal so far!
  • Finish and Review All ARCs & Review Copies Received in 2016
  • Read Physical Copies on My Shelf to Make More Room

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