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Now and Forever (Inconvenient Relations Book 2)

Now and Forever

by Simi K Rao
Adult Romance
Paperback & ebook, 216 pages
October 10th 2016

Can Shaan and Ruhi face their biggest fears and unite together?
Shaan and Ruhi Ahuja, very much in love Indian newlyweds, discover each other in Simi K. Rao’s Now and Forever—the sassy and sexy sequel to Inconvenient Relations. After getting the scare of their lives while traveling in the Grand Canyon, Shaan and Ruhi go back home to one dilemma after another. Shaan’s job is in jeopardy, and one of Ruhi’s closest friends, Sunshine, needs her. How will Shaan and Ruhi handle life’s hurdles, while still trying to get to know each other as husband and wife? Will they be able to forsake all others and consolidate their relationship?

Shaan saw his wife cast a suspicious glance at him before climbing in. For once I have her in the palm of my hand! he thought. Then he instructed her in a gruff manner while trying to keep from breaking into a smile, “Move over…”

“Shaan…” She looked terrified as she slid back on the seat. “I know I’ve annoyed you today, but I really don’t think I need to be chastised for it.”

Sliding in after her, he crowded her into the farthest corner. The vehicle had transformed into an oven. “You don’t?” he asked softly.

“No.” She bravely shook her head. “First and foremost, I’m your wife and that calls for some respect.”

He furrowed his brow as if trying hard to recall. “Really? Hmm… I forget. Remind me.”

“Don’t you remember taking the saat pheres with me, when we pledged to be partners for life?”

“Nope!” He shook his head.

“And this mangal sutra that you tied around my neck…” She held it up. “…and the sindoor?”

“That is just a fancy necklace and if I recall correctly, you took it off, which negates the entire deal…and as far as the red powder is concerned,” he said, glancing at her forehead. “I haven’t seen any trace of it for the longest time. Therefore, as far as I can tell, we aren’t really married at all,” he concluded with a crafty grin.

She began to shiver despite the heat, her eyes suddenly wild with panic. “Alright. So by some weird twist of fate, we took part in all the rituals but ended up single. Still, despite that, can’t I appeal to your human side? All the things that I’ve done for you so far should count towards something!”

“Such as?” he inquired.

She brightened up a little. “Such as all the cooking and cleaning?”

Shaan felt his heart soften of its own accord and had to remind himself of his original intent. “I thought that was partial payment towards the two months’ rent you owe me. Anything else?” he asked brusquely.

“I can’t think of anything.” She conceded with a delicate shrug of her shoulders.

“Gave up so quickly?” He moved closer, causing her to shrink back. “What about how you turned my whole life upside down? That should account for something, too, shouldn’t it?”

“What?” She appeared taken aback.

He perused her keenly, as she focused her huge eyes on him. She looked a mess; her hair like tumbleweed after having been whipped around mercilessly by the desert wind. Her face grimy with streaks of black running down her cheeks and bare; stripped of any hint of makeup. Her lips, swollen and bruised from all the anxious chewing. Even her earlobes were barren of any adornment. Yet, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He let out an inward groan. She’ll kill me one day, but I’ll die a happy man.

He sighed. “You showed me that living alone was really not so much fun after all. You made me chase behind you across the world just because I wanted to see you again. You took my heart and wrung it so hard all emotions came pouring out.”


“Yes, you did Ruhi! You took me to the edge of the precipice and then stood there laughing, waiting for the moment I’d stumble and fall screaming into the abyss. And you do it to me relentlessly every single day without a break…and for all that, you deserve the worst you can get!”

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Simi K. Rao

Simi K. Rao was born and grew up in India before relocating to the U.S., where she has lived for several years.
The inspiration for her books, and other projects, comes from her own experience with cross-cultural traditions, lifestyles and familial relationships, as well as stories and anecdotes collected from friends, family and acquaintances.
Rao enjoys exploring the dynamics of contemporary American culture blended with Indian customs and heritage to reflect the challenges and opportunities many Indian-American women face in real life.
Much of Rao's down time is devoted to creative pursuits, including writing fiction, poetry and photography. She is an avid traveler and has visited many locations around the world.
A practicing physician, Rao lives in Denver with her family.

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