Broke Home Reviews: NeoSan Scarf & Trek Proof Compresses

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NEOSANWomen Men Winter Thick Cable Knit Wrap Chunky Warm Scarf All Colors

  • Love the colors! My wardrobe is all black, blues, and greys so this goes with everything of mine, but there's tons more colors to choose from. 
  • Tons of compliments from my co-workers. That just makes you feel so good doesn't it? I am not a fashion type person either so it was an extra special squee moment for me. 
  • SO SOFT! When I had my coworkers feel it, immediately their eyes go big and start "Ooooooh!"-ing.
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  • It's absolutely warm! The knitting isn't suffocatingly tight but wrap it around your neck once and you'll feel no chill.
  • So far, after two weeks, it's still looking good and holding up strong.

Since I haven't had a scarf since living in MI as a teen, I thought it'd be cool to try out some of the more complicated ways to tie it. I chose the last three options from this graphic:

My attempt at a Loop N Through

My attempt at a Fashion Knot

My attempt at a Loop N Through W Knot

I was going to try more, but I realized, I would never bother using it and I think I've demonstrated my point that you can tie it in different ways. Just remember yours will look better than mine because these were my first attempts ever! And really, I'm fine with a basic tie to keep my neck warm. No way I have the time or patience to try these fancy ties out in the morning, lol.

Trek Proof Ice Pack (2-Piece Set) - Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support

If you follow on Facebook, then you know my heartbreak with this product. I was all set for a 5 star raving review, until a pack broke after a week. Well, the saga continues. The second pack broke Thursday morning after 3 days of use in the same spot. Terrible, right?

Well the good news is the company as been very communicative. They've assured me it's unusual and they will be speaking to the manufacturer about my problems. They asked for lots of detail and photos which makes me feel better. And given I'm the only review for them with this problem, I believe them. They've also compensated me with an Amazon gift card so I can get another heating pack of my choosing.

With absolutely great customer service and care, I'm happy I gave this product a shot. I think others will have better luck, particularly if you're not a chronic pain sufferer and won't be using it as much as I.

Those are the only home products I have for right now, until next time! Any requests on something you want to me try out and review?

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