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Bound Souls

Forever Yours Book 1
N.D. Jones
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Publisher: Kuumba Publishing
Number of pages: 292
Cover Artist: Wycked Ink
A supernatural love triangle that tests the bounds of science, truth, and faith.
Regent Lela of Asiya is the most powerful person on her planet but she is powerless to save the life of her beloved soulmate—Zion Grace. For thirty years they lived as husband and wife, but Zion’s time is at an end. Lela must go on without him.

“There will never be anyone else for me.”

Despite having died, nothing can keep Zion from his soulmate. He’s back but not as the man he once was. Zion must help Lela move on with her life, lest he lose her forever. But how can Zion convince Lela to accept the love and affections of another man when he still wants her for himself?

"I love you, Lela. My heart is forever yours.”

Lela and Zion are bound souls, destined to live eternity together. For these lovers, death is not an end, but a fateful beginning.

This novel includes “The Garden,” a bonus short story.

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It was true, Zion had only three more years left on his thirty-year life extension. He was tired and felt even more so as the days, weeks, months and years crept by. Zion spared a sidelong glance at his wife, whose head was down, eyes closed and hand still fiercely gripping his own. She wasn't ready for the ride to end either, yet they both knew it was slowing, preparing to grind to its final halt and he would have to disembark, leaving her behind.

This thing with Ammon had eaten away at Zion for the last several months. Yet Ammon was simply an outlet for his own anger, fear, and depression. He was growing older, his hair thinner and grayer, and his stomach… well, let's just say he'd had to use the services of a good seamstress over the years. Yet Lela was still as beautiful and fit as when they'd first met.

Zion didn't begrudge Lela her slow aging or fine, alluring features. In fact, he loved that about her. What did bother him was that other men could see what he saw. Everything about Lela exuded intelligence, grace, dignity, strength, and beauty. Zion learned a long time ago, she could never see herself the way others did, especially men.

While Zion rarely entertained jealous thoughts before or cared much when he caught a male giving Lela an approving look, now he saw nothing but. Under the circumstances, the little signs of masculine appreciation for his beautiful wife enraged him.

"I'm sorry," Zion spoke into the quiet breach, lifting Lela’s chin with his bruised hand.

Tears flooded her eyes. Even wet, they were still the most stunning eyes he’d ever seen. Picasso marble Zion thought the first time she’d looked at him—a combination of black, brown, gray, and white. Back then, they’d sparkled with intelligence and curiosity, now they glistened with pain. Lela wasn't ready for this conversation. How could she be?

"No, it's me who should apologize. I thought you were paranoid, seeing things that didn't exist."

"I acted like a jackass, a Neanderthal, damn near dragging you out of the banquet room before the function was over. Hell, I might as well as hoisted you over my shoulder and beat my chest like a caveman."

He rubbed his thumb across her right cheek, then lips. "You're an incredible woman, Lela." Zion paused, nearly biting his tongue on his next words. The ones his selfish heart screamed at him to not utter. "You'll live for a long time, probably another four or five decades. I only have three years left. For an Asiyan, you'll be in your prime when I pass on.” His voice cracked when the held tears dropped from his wife’s eyes. She knew where he was going with this, Zion realized.

"You'll have to go on without me, and I don't want you to spend the next fifty years by yourself."

"I won't be by myself. I'll have Xavier." Lela pushed off the bed and moved away from him. She walked to the window, refusing to acknowledge the true meaning of his words.

Zion followed, watching her stern but sad image in the window. Needing to touch and reassure her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled Lela to him.
"The thought of another man being this close to you," Zion whispered, stirring tendrils of her long hair, "makes me want to commit murder. When I heard Ammon offering for you, it took all of my self-control to not take a laser gun to him. The only thing I kept thinking was that he couldn't have you. That you're mine and mine alone."

"Is that why you've been so angry these past few months?" She turned in his arms, then rested her head against his resilient shoulder.

"Yes and something else."

"What else?"

Zion lifted her chin, compelling her to meet his eyes.

"I didn't want to acknowledge how selfish I was being," he said, leaning down and placing a warm, soft kiss on her lips. "I want you to be happy in those four or five decades you have left, Lela, but I don't want you to find happiness in the arms of another man."
"I have no desire to mate with anyone else, or to take a lover," she reassured, initiating another kiss, a desperate embrace full of a wife's integrity and denial. "I can't imagine being with anyone other than you. I love you, Zion. I could never love another."

He knew she spoke the truth. He believed her, but she didn't understand. Zion did. He'd experienced the loss of a spouse.

"When Iman died, a part of me died with her. Like you, I thought there would never be anyone else for me. And that was true for a long time—”

Lela shook her head in protest, not allowing Zion to continue. "Don't." A heartbreaking plea. "Don't say such things. There will never be anyone else for me."

Zion saw the near panic in her upturned face, her Picasso marble eyes glowing with resolution and despair.

"It's not the same. It just isn't."

It was exactly the same. Yes, what he felt for Iman was different from the love he had for Lela. But it was love all the same. Loving Lela didn't mean Iman ceased to occupy a special place in his heart and mind. A small, warm piece of her and their life together would always be a part of him. As he would always be a part of Lela, but she couldn't see it, not now. But someday. Zion didn't want to think about that and clearly, neither did his wife.

About the Author:

N. D. Jones lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. She is the founder of Kuumba Publishing, an art, audiobook, eBook, and paperback company. Kuumba Publishing is a forum for creativity, with a special commitment to promoting and encouraging creative works of authors and artists of African descent.

A desire to see more novels with positive, sexy, and three-dimensional African American characters as soul mates, friends, and lovers, inspired the author to take on the challenge of penning such romantic reads. She is the author of two paranormal romance series: Winged Warriors and Death and Destiny. N.D. likes to read historical and paranormal romance novels, as well as comics and manga.

Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?
One fact about me that not many people know is that I was married at the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Maryland. Recently, my daughter was going through my wedding album. And, to my surprise, she had no idea her father and I were married at the museum, although she’s been there on field trips. Her older brother knew, so I assumed she did as well. Needless to say, that bit of old-new news led to a very nice discussion with my daughter while she flipped through the wedding album, asking questions and making remarks so typical of teenage girls who think themselves witty and cute.
How did you realize you wanted to write?
When I began reading comics, it led me to fanfiction. Fanfiction is a wonderful outlet for fans of movies, comics, television shows, manga, and anime, mainly, who love their favorite characters and shows so much they write stories about them geared toward other fans. It’s a true act of love and appreciation on the part of fanfiction writers. For a while, I fell into that category, penning stories based on characters from an old television show I like and two comic book couples I love. I learned a lot during my time as a writer of fanfiction. From those early beginnings, I branched off into writing novellas and then full-length novels with my original characters, telling the stories I want to tell and read.
What inspires you?
My family inspires me. They are unbelievably supportive in a way that makes me proud and appreciative. It would be very difficult to keep pushing forward—writing, researching, and marketing without a strong support system. My daughter wants to donate Bound Souls to her high school library. And my son has given me wonderful plot and character ideas, which I’ve used in novels. In fact, one of the villains in Heat, Hunt, Hope, an angel/demon paranormal romance novella, major power-set is his idea. I dedicated the novella to him because, really, what mother could ask for a cooler son than one who comes up with an awesome magical power for her female villain? My husband, children, mother, and in-laws all inspire me to be the best—as a writer, student, and educator.
What books have most influenced your life most?
I read a lot of non-fiction books on topics such as African American politics and history, cultural proficiency and cultural intelligence, professional development and learning, pedagogy and andragogy. As a career educator, I read content and discipline-specific books, mainly. Collectively, these books have influenced my interpersonal interactions, as well as my work with school-and-central-office based personnel. My dissertation is on the cultural intelligence of community college presidents, so recently, I’ve read several books, articles, and dissertations on the topic. Cultural intelligence is a theory of intelligence that addresses how we interact with people from backgrounds different from our own—be it racial, economic, gender, religious, etc. Such a reflective understanding of self is very impacting. I use such knowledge when creating plots and characters, taking care with my representation of characters from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing?
Some authors are brilliant at describing scenes—the environment, clothing, characters. If I could, I would probably skip a lot of visual descriptions, especially landscapes and homes. I do find writing such descriptions challenging for two reasons. One, I prefer to jump into a scene and not worry about what my characters are wearing, the type and placement of furniture in a room, or the trees and birds in a forest. I’m impatient that way, and don’t place the same value on setting the visual of a scene as I do in getting my dialogue and action sequences just right. Although, without a doubt, visual descriptors are important and necessary. Two, I have to work hard not to make my descriptions sound boring or a laundry list of what’s in a room or what a character is wearing. I’m always so impressed with authors who can create amazing pictures in my mind with their descriptive prose. That’s one of my areas of growth. I don’t skip such details, but I do find writing them tedious and uninspiring.
What projects are you working on at the present?
I only recently finished Bound Souls, so I haven’t begun another novel. However, my goal is to publish the third and final book in my Death and Destiny paranormal romance trilogy before the end of 2017.
What book are you reading now (or the last book you read)?
I’m currently reading Forever Vacancy: A Colors in Darkness Anthology. It’s a great collection of horror stories set in the Kretcher Motel—where people check in but not everyone checks out. I just finished reading a new release by Gisele Walko—Cravings and Triggers. I try to write reviews for most of the books I read, especially by independent authors, which both of these books are written by.
If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?
I would spend time with Regent Lela of the House of Asheema. The woman is a planetary leader, which is a ridiculously powerful position. Can you imagine? What does a planetary leader day look like? Who does she meet? What does she discuss? Where does she go? What decisions must she make? And how does she stay humble and level-headed with that much power and people falling over themselves to do her bidding? Shadowing a planetary leader for a day could be an awesome and enlightening experience. If nothing else, I doubt it would be boring.
Are there any content or trigger warnings readers should be aware of?
This is a story that involves the death of a spouse, which, I suppose, could be content/trigger warning for some readers. I explore a wife’s struggle to move on after the passing of her husband. But there are a few supernatural twists in Bound Souls, which makes this novel more than the usual science fiction romance story.
What is the biggest thing that people THINK they know about your books that isn't so?
For readers who’ve never read one of books, they will likely think they are primarily romance novels, despite being labeled as paranormal romance. And, in the case of Bound Souls, science fiction romance. People assume, perhaps based on the covers, that my novels are light on paranormal, fantasy, or supernatural elements. Nothing could be further from the truth. While the romance, love, and intimacy are definitely there, the otherworldly aspects are just as critical to the plot and the growth and development of the characters.
What is the most important thing that people DON'T know about your books that they need to know?
What people may not know about my books is the importance I place on creating positive, multi-dimensional characters of color, particularly the hero and heroine. Don’t misunderstand, my characters aren’t perfect. They have their flaws and areas of growth. But they are good people, who, more often than not, strive to do the right thing, be better, even when they are on the wrong path.
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
I would like to thank my readers for supporting me, by reading my novels, for being a member of my Readers’ Group, and for leaving great reviews and thoughtful feedback. I appreciate their support so much, which is why I’m offering Bound Souls absolutely FREE at all major online booksellers.
Favorite food?
Crab Cake
Favorite Movie?
Underworld: Evolution
Last song you listened to?
Andra Day’s Rise Up
Dragons or unicorns?
Superpower of choice?

Thank you so much for answering all my questions, N.D! And I have to squee, because I LOVE that song too!

Fantastic answers, don't ya'll think? Any questions you'd like to ask, comment below please.

And don't forget Bound Souls is available for FREE right now. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate V-day this year. I already have my copy :D

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  1. What an awesome interview opportunity. Thank you very much for having me on your blog and for showcasing Bound Souls, my new release. I hope your readers will take advantage of the free book and enter the giveaway.

    N.D. Jones


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